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2 Channel RGBW LED Dimmer, DIN Rail Mount


The Crestron® DIN-2LEDPWM8 is a two channel RGBW dimmer that uses PWM (pulse width modulation) frequency for flicker-free performance. A Cresnet® control port is provided for integration with a Crestron control system.

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Key Features

  • Two independently powered and controlled LED dimming outputs
  • Each output controls one RGBW LED or LED strip or four independent LEDs or LED strips
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming technology for flicker-free dimming
  • Controls 12–24 VDC LEDs and LED strips
  • 100 W maximum power at 24 VDC @ 5 A
  • 60 W maximum power at 12 VDC @ 5 A
  • Two Cresnet® control ports for integration with a Crestron® control system and daisy-chain wiring
  • Two override inputs accept override signal from an emergency system to raise light levels to 100% (or desired level)
  • Front panel interface for control, setup, and device status
  • 6U 35 mm DIN rail mountable

Product Overview

The Crestron® DIN-2LEDPWM8 is a two-channel RGBW LED and LED strip dimmer. It uses PWM (pulse width modulation) frequency to provide flicker-free performance throughout the dimming range.

Visit the Crestron® Lighting Fixture Compatibility page to find out which Crestron lighting devices have been tested and are compatible with third-party lighting fixtures.

DIN Rail Mounting
The DIN-2LEDPWM8 is designed to snap onto a standard DIN rail for installation in a wall mount enclosure (Crestron DIN-EN series or similar, sold separately) or on a wall panel. DIN rail mounting affords a very space-efficient, cost-effective, and modular solution for configuring complete automation systems. Wiring connections are made using screw terminals positioned along the top and bottom, clearly accessible from the front for easy installation and servicing.  When installed in an enclosure utilizing 45 mm cutouts, the DIN-2LEDPWM8's front panel stays accessible while the connections are concealed.

Cresnet® Communications
The DIN-2LEDPWM8 communicates with a Crestron control system via the Cresnet control network. A pair of Cresnet ports are provided on the DIN-2LEDPWM8 to allow easy daisy-chaining of several Crestron DIN rail devices.

Override Input
Override inputs are provided to allow an external contact closure to momentarily override the control system program and set each channel output to its preset override level. Levels can be adjusted and saved locally from the front panel or remotely via software.

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