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Zūm Wireless

Zūm Wireless is a distributed lighting control system that uses industry standards, such as 0-10V, DALI®, DMX, and phase control and can be managed from a secure wireless 2.4 GHz network. Zūm Wireless systems are scalable from just a single room with two devices up to 32,000 devices, 1,000 rooms or spaces, and nearly six million square feet!

With just a few wireless “building block” devices, Crestron Zūm makes lighting control exceptionally simple to design and set up. All Zūm devices intelligently “pair and play” with the tap of a keypad, dimmer, or mobile device. The Zūm app makes it easy to name and combine rooms, set scenes, optimize daylighting, set up a time clock for scheduled events, and execute temporary overrides.

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Zūm Wireless

Crestron Zūm™

Wireless lighting control made easy.
Easy to design and setup.

(0-10V, Relay, Plug, Universal phase)

Zūm Load Controllers

Enable all system devices to communicate with each other –up to 1920W

Zūm Dimmers and Keypads

Standard backbox installation, or stick battery powered keypad anywhere – even on glass or brick

Zūm Occupancy Sensor

Provides in-room automation and room usage data to Zūm Cloud services

Zūm Daylight Sensor

Automatically adjusts lighting based on natural light levels

Zūm Network Bridge

Snap it onto a Load Controller to set up and manage spaces remotely – covers 2.25 million square feet without visible antennas

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