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Zūm Lighting Control Solutions

Easy to specify, design, install, manage and use

Crestron Zūm® is a suite of wired and wireless distributed lighting control solutions that are the industry’s easiest lighting controls to specify, design, deploy and manage.  

Designing with Zūm is simple and easy – add up the number of controllers of zones you desire for a given space, include any sensors and keypads, and you are done! All Zūm spaces can be merged with an enterprise IoT network, Zūm Net. This network not only provides easy communication and control of your lighting, but seamlessly integrates with Crestron Unified Communications systems to blend with Crestron AV solutions as well as third-party occupancy, environmental & acoustical sensors, and other data-dependent IoT devices.

All Zūm solutions adhere to the latest industry standards, such as 0-10V, DALI®, DMX and phase control.

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