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Crestron Zūm™ Wired lighting control enables you to harness the power of Ethernet with Zūm devices in logistically challenging and remote locations, all while adhering to industry standards. Wired Zūm uses a closed Ethernet network that allows rooms or spaces to be connected using CAT5 or ZUMNET-CAT5 cables. Rooms can be daisy-chained as well, to simplify and reduce wiring. Once connected to a room, all other devices in the room such as additional zone controllers, keypads, sensors, touch screens, and even Zūm wireless gateways, are easily connected with Crestron ZUMLINK CAT5 cables.

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Crestron Zūm™

Zūm Wired Advantages

Easy to design, easy to deploy, easy to use:
that's the power of Zūm!

Faster installation and setup

High-speed communication


802.1X authentication
TLS, SSL, SSH, and SFTP network security protocols
FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption

IoT ready via Microsoft Azure® or Crestron XiO Cloud™ services

Wide variety of controllers

Zūm Wired controllers will work with ALL your fixtures today.  There’s no need for special or proprietary drivers from companies that may not be around long-term.


Phase Control




Low Voltage DALI

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