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DIN Rail Integration Module with Standalone Timeclock for Zūm® Lighting Control


DIN Rail Integration Module with Standalone Timeclock for Zūm® Lighting Control

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Key Features

  • Zūm® wired DIN rail mounted multi-purpose integration and timeclock device
  • Powered by Zūm link bus
  • Provides a standalone astronomical time clock and local time and date settings without a ZUM-HUB4 or control system
  • Provides a distributed, room level interface to third-party smart controllers, such as HVAC/VAV systems and shade controllers
  • Supports in-room device daisy chaining with other Zūm wired devices
  • 4M wide DIN rail mounting 

Product Overview

The ZUMLINK-DIN-IO is a compact, multi-purpose, standalone integration and timeclock device that applies schedules, events, and common integration protocols to a Zūm space without the need for a control system. As a Zūm Wired device, the ZUMLINK-DIN-IO can be discovered by the Zūm app for easy configuration without custom programming. If needed, the ZUMLINK-DIN-IO can also connect to a Crestron control system. Room setup can be accomplished quickly through the Zūm app.

Zūm Link Wired Technology 

Zūm Link technology enables in-room lighting control through keypads and sensors wired to controllers. Zūm Wired devices connect via CBL-CAT5E-ZUMLINK-P CAT5e cable (sold separately) to RJ-45 ports to provide simple daisy-chaining and lighting control of compatible loads. The Zūm Wired devices work together in a local ecosystem to provide customized solutions using the Zūm app. 

DIN Rail Mounting 

DIN rail Zūm devices snap onto a standard DIN rail for installation in a wall mount enclosure (Crestron DIN-EN series or similar) or on a wall panel. 

Astronomical Time-Clock Control 

Enables control of standalone Zūm spaces based on date and time without the need for system networking or a centralized control hub. Configure date and time, schedules, events, and holidays from the Zūm app directly to the space. 

Product Specs


Zūm Link Power Bus Requirements 

Max Current Consumption 80mA 

Max Keypad Feedback LED Current 20mA Passthrough from Zūm Link bus 

Wired Communications 

ZUMLINK (2) RJ-45 ports; In-room Zūm Link device daisy-chaining 

Controls and Indicators 

SETUP (1) Pushbutton and (1) green LED; Indicates On/Off status of connected load; Lights briefly to indicate a button press 

PWR (1) Bi-color LED; Power indicator; Turns red when power is first applied for approximately 0.5 seconds and then turns green 

ZUMLINK (1) Green LED; LED lights green in normal operation 

CLOCK (1) Green LED indicates when: A unit is part of a Zūm Link network; The time and location have been set; One or more timeclock event has been configured; The LED blinks at 0.5 seconds on/off when timeclock is in manual or maintained override 


C, NO, NC RELAY (2) 3-pin terminal blocks for output relays; 30VAC/VDC 1A; Each terminal accepts one 20-24 AWG solid wire 

V+, IN, COM KEYPAD INPUTS (2) 3-pin terminal blocks for input relays with keyswitch LED support: Each terminal accepts one 20-24 AWG solid wire 

RS-232 (1) 5-pin terminals block GND, TX, RX, RTS, CTS Each terminal accepts one 20-24 AWG solid wire. NOTE: The RS-232 COM port is intended for use with relatively simple devices that send and receive small packets and do not generate a lot of data. A small amount of delay may be normal when sending or receiving some control commands on a low-speed serial network. Zūm and Cresnet networks with many devices tend to exhibit more delay.

RS-485 (1) 3-pin terminal block GND, D+, DEach terminal accepts one 20-24 AWG solid wire


Local InCabinet Air Temperature 32° to 131°F (0° to 55°C) 

Humidity 10% to 90% RH (noncondensing) 

Heat Dissipation 5 BTU/hr 


Light gray polycarbonate housing with polycarbonate label overlay, 71 mm DIN rail mount, occupies 4M DIN module spaces, DIN 43380 for factor for enclosures with 45 mm front panel cutout 


Height 3.69 in. (94 mm) 

Width 2.79 in. (71 mm) 

Depth 2.32 in. (59 mm) 

Weight 4 oz (133 g) 


Regulatory Model: M202231004

Intertek® Listed for US & Canada, CE, FCC Class B, IC, WEEE



DIN Rail Integration Module with Standalone Timeclock for Zūm® Lighting Control

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