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DIN Rail Universal Phase Dimmer Module for Zūm® Lighting Control


DIN Rail Universal Phase Dimmer Module for Zūm® Lighting Control

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Key Features

Zūm® wired DIN rail single-channel universal phase lighting dimmer

Supports dimmable LED, incandescent, electronic low voltage, magnetic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, and 2-wire fluorescent lighting loads Zūm Link in-room device daisy chaining

Zero-cross filter technology for reduced lamp flicker

Auto load-type detection

Forward, reverse, and center phase dimming modes

Extreme stability under noisy power line conditions

DIN rail mounted in a NEMA Type 1 enclosure

Rated 5A, 100-277VAC, 50/60Hz

3M wide DIN rail mounting

Product Overview

The ZUMLINK-DIN-DIMU is a single-channel universal phase dimmer and load controller designed to control a wide range of dimmable lighting load types. Using proprietary zero-cross filter technology, the ZUMLINK-DIN-DIMU provides superior immunity to power line noise, resulting in significant reduction of lamp flicker.

Energy-saving options, such as Zūm link presence detectors or analog photosensors (sold separately) are available to enable daylighting, occupancy or vacancy sensing, integration, and centralized monitoring and management. Room setup can be accomplished quickly through the Zūm app.

Auto-Detecting Universal Dimming

Under normal operation, the ZUMLINK-DIN-DIMU detects the connected load type and automatically selects the appropriate operating mode. Reverse phase (trailing edge) mode supports incandescent and electronic low-voltage load types, while forward phase (leading edge) mode supports LED, magnetic low-voltage, neon/cold-cathode, and 2-wire fluorescent load types. Center phase mode is also available, combining reverse and forward phase load control to address special cases. The operative mode is indicated by four LEDs on the front of the device: REV, FWD, CENTER, and AUTO.

Zūm Link Wired Technology

Zūm Link technology enables in-room lighting control through keypads and sensors wired to controllers. Zūm Wired devices connect via CBL-CAT5E-ZUMLINK-P CAT5e cable (sold separately) to RJ-45 ports to provide simple daisy-chaining and lighting control of compatible loads. The Zūm Wired devices work together in a local ecosystem to provide customized solutions using the Zūm app.

Energy Efficiency

Occupancy sensor, vacancy sensor, and daylight sensor connectivity enables significant energy savings. To reduce energy usage, lights turn off automatically when the room is vacant and dim gradually depending on the amount of natural daylight in the room.

DIN Rail Mounting

DIN rail Zūm devices snap onto a standard DIN rail for installation in a wall mount enclosure (Crestron DIN-EN series or similar) or on a wall panel.

Product Specs


Load Control 

Dimmer Channels

Load Rating 5A 

Line Voltage 100-277VAC, 50/60 Hz 

Line/Load Voltage: 100-277VAC, 50/60 Hz 

Dimmable Load Types: Incandescent, LED, electronic low-voltage, magnetic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, 2-wire fluorescent 

Zūm Link Power Bus Requirements 

Max Current Consumption 50mA Without sensor terminal. 

Max Allowable Sensor Terminal Current 85mA Passthrough from Zūm Link bus 


Zūm Link (2) RJ-45 ports; In-room Zūm Link device daisy-chaining 

24V, OCC, GND Occupancy sensor input; Spring clamp connector; Each terminal accepts one 20-24 AWG wire 

24V, PHO, GND Photo sensor input; Spring clamp connector; Each terminal accepts one 20-24 AWG wire 

OVR, GND Override control input; Spring clamp connector: Each terminal accepts one 20-24 AWG wire 

Controls and Indicators 

TEST (1) Pushbutton and bi-color green/red LED; LED lights green in normal operation; LED lights red when a fault is detected 

DIM MODE (1) Pushbutton, press to cycle through dimming modes: auto detect (default), reverse phase, forward phase, or center phase 

AUTO (1) Red LED, indicates auto load type detection is selected and enabled 

REV (1) Red LED, indicates reverse phase mode is enabled (automatically or manually) 

FWD (1) Red LED, indicates forward phase mode is enabled (automatically or manually)

CENTER (1) Red LED, indicates center phase mode is enabled (manually) 

LINK (1) bi-color green/red LED; LED lights green in normal operation; LED lights red when a fault is detected 


N, L, DIM (Neutral, Line, Dimming) (1) 3-pin terminal block; Each terminal accepts one 12-24AWG wire 


Local In-cabinet Air Temperature 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C) 

Humidity 10% to 90% RH (noncondensing) 


Light gray polycarbonate housing with polycarbonate label overlay, DIN rail mount, occupies 3M module spaces, DIN 43380 for factor for enclosures with 45 mm front panel cutout 


Height 3.69 in. (94 mm) 

Width 2.08 in. (53 mm) 

Depth 2.32 in. (59 mm) 

Weight 4 oz (133 g) 


Regulatory Model: M202231003 

Intertek® Listed for US & Canada, CE, FCC Class B, IC, WEEE 



DIN Rail Universal Dimmer Module for Zūm® Lighting Control

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