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Crestron Green Light® Power Switching Cabinets – Contact Crestron for complete system design and pricing


120 and 277 Volt switching0-10V fluorescent dimming12, 30, or 42 circuits per cabinet

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Key Features

  • 120 and 277 Volt switching
  • 0-10V fluorescent dimming
  • 12, 30, or 42 circuits per cabinet
  • Integrated branch circuit breakers
  • Optional main circuit breaker
  • Field-replaceable lighting modules
  • Optional access door for local control
  • System design by Crestron
  • Factory assembled and tested


Product Overview

The Crestron Green Light® Power switching family of switching systems is available in a range of panel sizes and configurations; every system is fully scalable to fit each installation perfectly. An extensive selection of Crestron keypads, touchpanels, occupancy sensors, photocells, shade controllers, and numerous other peripheral options affords astounding design flexibility with unparalleled capability for integration.

Green Light Power Switching is simple to install and easy to program. Native features include an astronomical time clock to allow scheduling of events to occur around the rise and fall of the sun. Other powerful, energy saving capabilities include occupancy sensing to turn off lights when they are not needed, daylight harvesting to harness natural light from windows and skylights, and emergency override to assure safe and reliable lighting of critical areas in the event of a power outage or emergency condition.

High-Performance Power Switching

Crestron GLPS Series power switching panels feature field-replaceable switching modules with a choice of relay technologies to address a wider range of applications and budgets. In addition to switching, some Green Light Power Switching panels also allow the option to add dimming control for 0-10V dimmable fluorescent ballasts.


Our top of the line GLPS-HSW panels employ robust 50 Amp mechanically-latching relays in combination with advanced zero-cross arcless technology to achieve a relay lifetime of one million cycles. For a higher density switching solution, our GLPS-SW panels utilize the same rugged 50 amp relays while putting more controlled circuits in less space. Either panel supports both 120 and 277 voltages, and includes main lugs and integrated branch circuit breakers.

Green Light Express Switching

For installations using a separate circuit breaker panel, Crestron offers the Green Light Express series of "feed-through" panels. Like their "main lug" panel counterparts above, the GLPX-HSW and GLPX-SW panels feature zero-cross arcless switching and standard high-inrush switching respectively. Green Light Express also offers one more relay option in the GLPX-HDSW, utilizing heavy duty modular relays for an extra level of flexibility switching 120, 277, and 347 volt loads.

Local Controls

Crestron Green Light simplifies installation by providing local controls right on the front of each switching module. Even before the lighting processor gets installed, these simple controls can be used to switch each load on and off for testing and operation during construction.


The IPAC-GL1 Control Processor—Crestron has been manufacturing and innovating microprocessor-based control systems for lighting and automation longer than anybody, and all of that know-how has gone directly into the IPAC-GL1. Right from its front panel, an entire system of lighting loads, keypads, touchpanels, sensors, and scheduled events can be programmed without ever having to connect a computer.

Featuring the same 2-Series control engine as other Crestron processors, the IPAC-GL1 allows advanced programming to support all kinds of control options and interfaces, custom functionality and extensive integration with third-party systems. Crestron processors also deliver the most comprehensive capabilities available for remote control and management over an IP network.

Emergency Override

Remote emergency override capability allows a power loss sensor (GLS-PLS-120/277) or any external contact closure to override the lighting system program and set each circuit to its override preset state. In a power failure situation using a backup power source, this allows designated emergency lighting circuits to be turned on immediately. Override settings can be made easily using the local controls on the front of each switching module.

Product Specs

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