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8-Zone Radiant Heat Thermostat, DIN Rail Mount


Provides a DIN-rail mountable thermostat for multizone radiant heating systems. Works with Crestron remote temperature sensors and integrates with a Crestron® control system via Cresnet®. Provides relay control of eight heat zone valves and one main valve. Rated 1/2 HP at 240V AC.

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Key Features

  • Eight-zone radiant heat control thermostat
  • Works with Crestron® remote temperature sensors [1]
  • Operates as part of a complete Crestron automation system [1]
  • Failsafe mode ensures continuous heat if the user setpoint is temporarily lost
  • Onboard controls and indicators for system testing
  • Eight SPDT heat zone valve control relays
  • One SPDT main valve control relay
  • Rated 1/2 HP at 240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz
  • System integration via Cresnet®
  • Cresnet powered (24 Volts DC)
  • 9U 35 mm DIN rail mountable

Product Overview

The DIN-1TSTAT8 is an 8-zone thermostat designed for use with radiant heating systems. Each zone requires a remote temperature sensor to be installed in each heating zone. Compatible sensors include models CHVI-RTS-1G-SM-W, CHVI-RTS-1G-N-W, CHV-RTS, and CHV-RSS. Each sensor connects to the DIN-1TSTAT8 via a single twisted pair wire. The DIN-1TSTAT8 installs at a central location in a DIN rail enclosure, and connects to a Crestron® control system via Cresnet®.[1]

Its connection to a control system allows each zone to be adjusted from a Crestron touch screen, handheld remote, mobile app, or computer. Customized automation and scheduling is also possible. The use of remote temperature sensors eliminates the need for a separate thermostat on the wall in each zone.

The DIN-1TSTAT8 is for heat-only applications using radiators or radiant floor heating. It controls the heating valve for each zone via eight SPDT relay control outputs (one per zone). A ninth main valve control output is also provided. Each relay includes normally open and normally closed contacts, and is rated for 1/2 HP at 240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz.

The DIN-1TSTAT8 requires a Crestron control system to function. The heating setpoints for each zone are set by the user through the control system and then stored in memory on the DIN-1TSTAT8. In the event a user setpoint is lost, a failsafe operating mode takes over to keep the space heated at a preset temperature until the user setpoint is restored from the control system.[1]

Standard 35 mm DIN rail mounting allows the DIN-1TSTAT8 to be installed in a DIN rail enclosure (Crestron DIN-EN series or similar). It occupies 9 DIN module spaces, and is powered by the Cresnet control bus.

  1. The remote temperature sensors, DIN rail enclosure, and control system are all sold separately. A complete system requires custom commissioning by a Crestron authorized installer and programmer. Contact your Crestron representative for more information.

This product may be purchased from an authorized Crestron dealer or distributor. To find a dealer or distributor, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at or by calling 855-263-8754.

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