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Zūm® Wired J-Box Power Supply


Zūm® Wired junction box mounted power supply with Zūm® Link communication. Part of a complete Zūm wired commercial room lighting system.

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Key Features

  •  Zūm® wired junction box mounted power supply
  •  Powers Zūm keypads, presence detectors, and daylight sensors (sold separately)
  •  Flying lead wiring connections
  • Knockout mount to a standard 4 in. square junction box

Product Overview

The Zūm® Wired ZUMLINK‑JBOX‑PSU delivers additional Zūm Link power to the in-room system. Equipped with four Zūm Link connections, it provides communication and power distribution for Zūm Link devices via plug-and-play wiring.

Easy Installation

For flexibility and ease‑of‑use, install Zūm devices(load controllers, keypads, and presence detectors) and connect them with ZūmLink (CBL‑CAT5E‑ZUMLINK‑P) or Zūm Net (CBL‑CAT5E‑ZUMNET‑P) CAT5e cable. Non-system presence detectors may also be installed to any load controller with analog inputs.

Product Specs

AC Input Power
100-277VAC, 50/60 Hz

Zūm Link Output Current
250mA per segment
500mA total across both segments (4 ports)
Segment 1: ports 1 and 2
Segment 2: ports 3 and 4

Zūm Link Pass-through Current
250mA max
Including internal power supply: 750mA cumulative maximum

(4) RJ‑45 ports

PWR Status
(1) green LED
Power indicator

Hot: (1) 14 AWG Class 1 flying lead;Black, line power input
Neutral: (1) 14 AWG Class 1 flying lead; White, neutral

Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Rating IP20

Housing: Plastic, white, UL 94 5VA flame rated
Mounting: Mounts to the side of a 4 in. square junction box via a 1/2 in. conduit knockout;Meets the requirements of UL 2043 for installation in an environmental air-handling (plenum) space

Height: 4.83 in. (123 mm)
Width: 4.25 in. (108 mm)
Depth: 2.03 in. (52 mm)

7 oz (199 g)

Regulatory Model: M201933002
cUL916, cUL2043UL®

Listed for US & Canada, IC, FCC Part 15 Class A digital Model device, UL 916, UL 2043, UL 94 5VA
Zūm® Wired J-Box Load Controller, High Inrush Switch, 20A,100-277V with Link Communication

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