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Zūm® Wired J-Box Load Controller, Switching, 20A, 100-277V with Link Communication


A Zūm® Wired junction box-mounted load controller with Zūm® Link communication designed to provide intelligent lighting control as part of a complete Zūm wired commercial room lighting system.

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Key Features

  • Zūm® wired junction box-mounted lighting load plug load controller
  • Integration with Zūm keypads, occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors, and daylight sensors (sold separately)
  • Zero cross switch control of 20A, 100-277V
  • Supports in‑room device daisy chaining
  • Integrated contact closure input
  • Flying lead wiring connections
  • Knockout mount to a standard 4 in. square junction box

Product Overview

The Crestron Zūm® Wired ZUMLINK‑JBOX‑20A‑SW provides zero cross switching for high inrush lighting control. The device can be wired to other in‑room Zūm devices to provide load control. Energy-saving options are available to enable daylighting, occupancy or vacancy sensing, and centralized monitoring and management.

Zūm Link Wired Technology
Zūm Link technology allows for in‑room lighting control through compatible keypads and sensors. Two RJ‑45 ports on the device allow for connection to a Zūm Net device and for in‑room device daisy‑chaining. Similar to the Zūm Wireless system, Zūm Link devices work together in a local ecosystem to provide customized solutions as needed.

Energy Management and Efficiency
ZUMNET-JBOX devices are capable of energy monitoring via the Crestron XiO Cloud™ service or through custom programming. Occupancy sensor, vacancy sensor, and daylight sensor connectivity allow for significant energy savings. To reduce energy usage, lights will turn off automatically when the room is vacant and dim gradually according to the amount of natural daylight in the room.

Easy Installation
For flexibility and ease‑of‑use, Zūm load controllers are installed in a room with Zūm keypads, occupancy or vacancy sensors, and/or a daylight sensor for complete commercial lighting control. Finish the installation by quickly commissioning the room through the Zūm app.

Override Contact Closure Input
An integrated contact closure input or relay output on the ZUMLINK‑JBOX‑20A‑SW provides the means to place all connected Zūm Net and Zūm Link devices into Emergency Override mode.

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