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Zūm® Wired J-Box Controller for DALI® , 120-277V with Net and Link Communication


A Zūm® Wired junction box-mounted DALI load controller with Zūm® Net communication designed to provide intelligent lighting control as part of a complete Zūm wired commercial room lighting system.

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Key Features

  • Zūm® wired junction box-mounted DALI® drivers lighting controller
  • Control of DALI compliant dimmable LED or fluorescent loads
  • Integration with Zūm keypads, occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors, and daylight sensors (sold separately)
  • Ethernet network connection to a control system (sold separately)
  • Integrated contact closure input
  • Flying lead wiring connections
  • Knockout mount to a standard 4 in. square junction box

Product Overview

The Crestron Zūm® Wired ZUMNET‑JBOX‑DALI provides control of up to 64 DALI compatible drivers. The device can be wired to Zūm Net devices for network expansion and to Zūm Link devices for in‑room control. Energy-saving options are available to enable daylighting, occupancy or vacancy sensing, and centralized monitoring and management.

Zūm Net Wired Technology
In a Zūm network, ZUMNET‑JBOX devices facilitate communications between rooms via ethernet and can be daisy‑chained for network expansion. Each device in the chain communicates to a control system for centralized monitoring, management, and reporting. Zūm Link devices connect to ZUMNET-JBOX devices to provide in‑room lighting control. Similar to the Zūm Wireless system, Zūm Link devices work together in a local ecosystem to provide customized solutions as needed.

Energy Efficiency
Occupancy sensor, vacancy sensor, and daylight sensor connectivity allow for significant energy savings. To reduce energy usage, lights will turn off automatically when the room is vacant and dim gradually according to the amount of natural daylight in the room.

Easy Installation
For flexibility and ease‑of‑use, Zūm load controllers are installed in a room with Zūm keypads, occupancy or vacancy sensors, and/or a daylight sensor for complete commercial lighting control. Finish the installation by quickly commissioning the room through the Zūm app. DALI commissioning can be performed at a keypad via Bluetooth connection.

Override Contact Closure Input
An integrated contact closure input or relay output on the ZUMNET‑JBOX‑DALI provides the means to place all connected Zūm Net and Zūm Link devices into Emergency Override mode.

Product Specs

Load Control
Load Types: Control of DALI compliant dimmable LED or fluorescent loads
DALI Groups: 16
Drivers: 64

Power Requirements
Line/Load Voltage: 100-277VAC, 50/60 Hz
Idle Power Consumption: 1 W

Wired Communications
ZUMNET (LAN): (2) RJ-45 ports; Input for control system connection or Zūm Net device;Output for Zūm Net device daisy-chaining
ZUMLINK (ROOM): (2) RJ-45 ports; In-room Zūm Link device daisy-chaining; 85mA power available for Zūm Link devices, including ZUMLINK-KP keypads
24V, OCC,GND: Occupancy sensor input; 85mA available output current; Spring clamp connector
24V, PHO,GND: Photo sensor input; Spring clamp connector
OVR, GND: Override control input; Spring clamp connector

Controls and Indicators
TEST: (1) Pushbutton and (1) green LED; Push to toggle the switched load output on and off; Press and hold to cycle the dimming level up and down; LED indicates that the load is turned on; LED lights and flashes during room setup and factory reset
ZUMLINK Status: (1) bi-color green/red LED; LED lights green in normal operation; LED lights red when a fault is detected
ZUMNET Status: (1) bi-color green/red LED; LED lights green in normal operation; LED lights red when a fault is detected

Hot: (1) 14 AWG Class 1 flying lead; Black, line power input
Neutral: (1) 14 AWG Class 1 flying lead; White, neutral
Purple: (1) 18 AWG Class 1 flying lead, purple, DALI input/output, low voltage, positive
Gray: (1) 18 AWG Class 1 flying lead, gray, DALI input/output, low voltage, negative
Red: (1) 14 AWG Class 1 flying lead, power monitoring, AC output

Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
Humidity: 10% to 90% RH (noncondensing)

Housing: Plastic, white, UL 94 5VA flame rated
Mounting: Mounts to the side of a 4 in. square junction box via a 1/2 in. conduit knockout; Meets the requirements of UL 2043 for installation in an environmental air-handling (plenum) space

Height: 4.83 in. (123 mm)
Width: 4.25 in. (108 mm)
Depth: 2.03 in. (52 mm)

7 oz (199 g)

Regulatory Model: M201933003
cUL916, cUL2043
UL® Listed for US & Canada, IC, FCC Part 15 Class A digital device, UL 916, UL 2043, UL 94 5VA

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