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Zūm® Wireless Partition Sensor


Detects when a movable room partition is opened and automatically links two Zūm® lighting systems together. Faceplate sold separately.

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Key Features

  • Enables room combining for Zūm® commercial lighting applications
  • Detects when a movable room partition is opened or closed
  • Automatically links two adjoining room lighting systems to function as one
  • Diffuse reflective infrared technology affords reliable sensing in one compact device
  • Ceiling or wall mountable
  • Installs in a single-gang US electrical box
  • Surface mountable over a small hole
  • 24 Volt DC powered
  • Simple pair and play setup
  • Zūm Mesh peer-to-peer RF communications
  • White finish
  • Decorator-style faceplate sold separately

Product Overview

For divisible rooms and combinable spaces separated by a movable partition, the Crestron Zūm® Wireless Partition Sensor (ZUMMESH-PART) detects when the partition is opened and automatically links the Zūm lighting systems in each room together to function as one space. A single partition sensor installs on the ceiling or wall, positioned so that it faces the partition. An infrared light beam is directed at the partition surface so that its reflection is detected when the partition is closed. When the partition is opened, the partition sensor shares the scene preset button presses and occupancy status between the two rooms, effectively bridging them together to operate as one large room.

The ZUMMESH-PART is ideal for combining two rooms with similar lighting components and functionality. When combined, selecting a scene preset in either room activates the same scene preset in the other room. Any occupancy or vacancy sensors in both rooms also work in unison to control both rooms as one.

Note: Combinable rooms equipped with motion sensors must have the same sensor type in both rooms, either occupancy or vacancy. Daylighting functionality remains independent for each room equipped with a daylight sensor (photocell). Refer to the Specifications section for additional restrictions.

The ZUMMESH-PART can be installed in a 1-gang US electrical box or attached directly to a flat surface over a small hole. It is supplied with two brackets, one for semi-recessed installation in an electrical box, and one for surface mounting over an electrical box or a ~3/4 inch (~19 mm) round hole. The complete installation requires a decorator style faceplate for a finished appearance (Crestron FP-1G series, sold separately).

The ZUMMESH-PART is ideally designed for ceiling mount applications with the sensor positioned 2 feet (61 cm) from the partition. If necessary, it may be positioned as near as 6 inches (16 cm) or as far as 6 feet (182 cm), provided the partition appears within the sensor’s 15° vertical sensing angle. The sensor may be wall mounted if the application cannot accommodate ceiling mounting. Three sensitivity settings are selectable to fine-tune the sensor for varying applications.

The ZUMMESH-PART requires 24 Volts DC power, which may be supplied by a ZUMMESH-JBOX-SIM, PW-2407RU, or other 24 VDC power source (all sold separately).

Please refer to the Zūm Lighting Control System Setup Guide (Doc # 7957) for additional information.

Product Specs

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