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Six Button Tree & Bezel for Zūm® Light Control Keypads (ZUMLINK‑KP)


Provides multiple button configurations for Zūm® Wired ZUMLINK‑KP keypads. White, black, almond, gray, and red finishes offered with standard pad-printed labels, custom engraving or blank buttons.

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Key Features

  • Provides multiple button configurations for ZUMLINK‑KP keypads
  • Two-piece installation: button tree or rocker with matching bezel
  • Easily swap button configurations in the field
  • Available in four, six, or eight button configurations or rocker button
  • Pad-printed labeling or custom engravings available
  • Offered in black, white, almond, gray, or red finishes

Product Overview

The Crestron ZUMLINK-BTN pad printed (ZUMLINK‑BTN) and engraved (ZUMLINK‑BTN ENGRAVED) button trees enable customization of a ZUMLINK‑KP Zūm® Wired Keypad (sold separately) and are available in almond, black, red, gray, or white. The ZUMLINK‑KP comes programmed with a white ZUMLINK‑BTNR ENGRAVED, but may be replaced any of the other ZUMLINK-BTN models, including the BLANK option.

Button Orientation
The ZUMLINK-BTN is available as a rocker button or in configurations of four, six, or eight button trees. The ZUMLINK-BTNR contains one rocker button. The ZUMLINK‑BTN4 contains four button caps in a vertical column. The ZUMLINK‑BTN6 contains four button caps in a vertical column with two adjacent narrow button caps. The ZUMLINK‑BTN8 contains four button caps in a vertical column with four adjacent narrow button caps.

Custom Engraving
Crestron Engraver software makes it easy to specify and order button trees with custom engravings for a ZUMLINK‑KP Zūm Wired Keypad.

Blank buttons are offered in all button tree configurations and colors and may be requested as a custom button tree order (ZUMLINK-BTN4 ENGRAVED, ZUMLINK-BTN6 ENGRAVED, and ZUMLINK-BTN8 ENGRAVED).

Pad Printing
Pad Printed button cap sets allow for convenient preprinted labeling on any ZUMLINK‑BTN configuration. The preprinted labeling for each button configuration is listed below:

  • ZUMLINK‑BTN8: ON, OFF, ON, OFF, ˄, ˅, ˄, ˅

Product Specs

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