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5 in. Wall Mount Touch Screen, Portrait


A stylish and versatile portrait touch screen featuring web browsing, Crestron HTML5 and Smart Graphics® software technology, custom‑programmable icons, H.265/H.264 streaming video, and PoE+ (Power over Ethernet Plus) network power. Includes a native application for room scheduling.

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Key Features

  • Next generation Crestron®  portrait touch screen
  • 5 in. (127 mm) widescreen active-matrix color display and 720 x 1280 HD 720 display resolution
  • Capacitive touch screen display
  • Custom-programmable virtual control buttons
  • Supports Crestron HTML5 and Smart Graphics® software custom user projects
  • H.265, H.264, or MJPEG streaming video display
  • Native Crestron room scheduling app
  • Native app for Sonos® home sound control
  • Built-in web browsing
  • Single wire Ethernet connection with PoE or PoE+ power
  • Dual USB 2.0 ports for room availability accessories
  • Enterprise grade security and authentication
  • Web, cloud, or device-based configuration
  • Wall mounting with provided mounting bracket

Product Overview

The Crestron® TSW‑570P series is a stylish and versatile  portrait touch screen that is ideal for residential and enterprise applications. The TSW‑570P features a portrait-oriented 5 in. (127 mm) capacitive touch screen display with custom‑programmable control buttons and support for Smart Graphics® software and HTML5‑based custom UI projects. PoE connectivity and a comprehensive assortment of mounting accessories simplify new and retrofit installations.

Advanced Touch Screen Control
The TSW‑570P offers a sleek and powerful user interface for controlling technology in a home, boardroom, classroom, or command center. The touch screen provides an intuitive interface that is fully customizable with easy-to-use capacitive controls, true feedback, and real-time status display. A built-in proximity sensor wakes the screen without requiring any user interaction, and automatic brightness controls ensure optimal visibility under varying lighting conditions.

Custom-Programmable Virtual Buttons
The TSW‑570P provides a universal status bar that is populated with virtual buttons for quick access to common touch screen functions. The touch screen comes preconfigured with virtual buttons for Power, Home, Lights, Up, and Down. Each button can be programmed via a Crestron control system to provide custom functionality, and unused buttons can be hidden individually. The universal status bar is expanded or hidden using simple swipe gestures on touch screen display.

Dynamic User Interfaces
The TSW‑570P supports custom user interfaces created with Crestron HTML5 User Interface and Smart Graphics technologies, allowing greater flexibility for UI developers and programmers.

  • Crestron HTML5 User Interface enables UI designers to develop rich, front-end user interfaces with increased reusability and efficiency using modern web methodologies. Crestron HTML5 User Interface development tools are provided to simplify creating user interfaces built on standard web technologies
  • Smart Graphics enables programmers to integrate fluid gesture‑driven controls, animated feedback, rich metadata, embedded apps and widgets, and full-motion video into their user interfaces. Smart Graphics provides dynamic features such as graphical buttons and sliders, lists and toolbars, drag-and-drop objects, dashboard widgets, screensavers, and customizable themes.

Streaming Video
Native support for H.265, H.264, and MJPEG formats allows the TSW‑570P to display live streaming video from an IP camera, a streaming encoder (Crestron DM‑TXRX‑100‑STR, or similar), or a DigitalMedia™ switcher. Video is delivered to the touch screen over Ethernet, eliminating the need for any extra video wiring.

Sonos App
Sonos and Crestron have partnered to provide a powerful whole-house music experience. From any touch screen in the house, browse for tracks, artists, or playlists using all the services available from Sonos and instantly play them in any room using Sonos® wireless speakers or a Crestron Sonnex® multiroom audio system. The Sonos app runs natively on the TSW‑570P, enabling enhanced control of Sonos products as part of a complete Crestron system. The app checks for updates nightly so it’s always current, and support for the Sonos S2 App is provided.2

Crestron Room Scheduling App
As part of a complete enterprise room scheduling solution, the TSW‑570P can be deployed as a scheduling panel via the Crestron room scheduling app. A Crestron scheduling panel can be installed at the entrance of a meeting room to provide indication of the room’s availability and a view of its schedule for the day. If desired, the room can be reserved on the spot for an ad hoc meeting. A CEN‑ODT‑C‑POE occupancy sensor can also be paired to the touch screen, allowing for occupancy status to be reported instantly to the scheduling app for no‑shows and unscheduled room usage.1,3

Running the Crestron Scheduling App, the TSW‑570P integrates directly with Crestron Fusion® software, Microsoft Exchange Server® software (for users of Outlook® software and Office 365® software), the Google Calendar™ calendaring app (including G Suite™ software), CollegeNET® 25Live® scheduling software, or Ad Astra™ software. IBM® Notes® software is also supported through a Crestron Fusion on‑premises server.

Crestron Home OS Control
The TSW‑570P may be used to control a Crestron Home™ OS whole home solution. Select the Crestron Home app from the touch screen to control lighting, shades, climate, media, security, and cameras, including the ability to create and recall scenes that create a desired ambiance throughout a home. A TSW‑570P may be installed in each room to provide easy access to various Crestron Home functions for both the room and the home.

Web Browsing
Using its built‑in web browser, the TSW‑570P provides access to online program guides and other web-based services, and it can be used to control DVRs and other devices without having to pick up a separate tablet or smartphone.2

Wired Connectivity
An Ethernet LAN connection is all that is required to wire the TSW‑570P, containing all control, video, and power signals within a single wire.

Power over Ethernet
Using PoE technology, the TSW‑570P gets its operating power directly through the network cable. PoE (Power over Ethernet) eliminates the need for a local power supply or any dedicated power wiring. Crestron PoE switches (CEN‑SW‑POE‑5 or CEN‑SWPOE‑163) offer a total networking solution with built‑in PoE for multiple touch screens. A PoE Injector (PWE‑4803RU3) is also available to support a single touch screen.

NOTE: Refer to the “Power” specifications for more details.

Room Scheduling Accessories
The TSW‑570P provides  high-speed USB 2.0 port for connecting supported Crestron  hallway sign accessories to the touch screen. The SSW, SSW‑EL, SSC, and SSC‑EL series hallway signs feature a two sided acrylic sign face that can be custom engraved with the room name or number. The SIW‑100 offers a lower profile wall mount status indicator.

Enterprise-Grade Security
Crestron touch screens employ enterprise-grade networking with robust security features such as 802.1X authentication, TLS encryption, HTTPS connectivity, and Active Directory® service integration. These features are imperative to protect your network against service interruptions and malicious intrusions, and to ensure compliance with your organization’s network policies. Cloud‑based provisioning and management streamlines the process of configuring, monitoring, and updating every touch screen on the network. Additional support for SNMP allows the touch screen to be monitored by your IT administrator.

XiO Cloud Service
The TSW‑570P is compatible with the XiO Cloud® service, which is an IoT (Internet of Things) based platform for remotely provisioning, monitoring, and managing Crestron devices across an enterprise or an entire client base. Built on the Microsoft® Azure® software platform and utilizing Microsoft's industry‑leading Azure IoT Hub technology, XiO Cloud enables installers and IT managers to deploy and manage thousands of devices in the time it previously took to manage just one. Unlike other virtual machine‑based cloud solutions, Azure services provide unlimited scalability to suit the ever‑growing needs of an enterprise. For more information, visit

Wall Mount Options
The TSW‑570P is easily installed into drywall and other surfaces using the included TSW‑UMB‑70 universal mounting bracket, which affords the following mounting options:4

  • Can be used by itself as a postconstruction solution for retrofitting the TSW‑570P into existing drywall.
  • Can be used with the included TSW‑UMB‑570P‑PMK preconstruction mounting kit for applications that don’t require a back box.
  • Can be used with the TSW‑UMB‑70‑BBI back box for masonry and concrete applications.3

A security bracket option is also included to deter unauthorized removal of the touch screen.

The TSW‑570P is also compatible with Wall-Smart® flush wall mount products via a partnership with Crestron. For more information on supported Wall‑Smart hardware, click here.

  1. Room scheduling mode requires the TSW‑570P to be designated exclusively for room scheduling use, which precludes use of certain features and functions described in this spec sheet. For design assistance, contact the Crestron True Blue support team at
  2. Web browsing, weather information, and certain other functions require an Internet connection.
  3. The TSW‑UMB‑70 is also compatible with older TSW‑UMB‑PMK series preconstruction mounting kits and TSW‑BBI series back boxes, allowing the TSW‑570P to be installed in place of a previous generation touch screen.

This product may be purchased from select authorized Crestron dealers and distributors. To find a dealer or distributor, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at or by calling 855‑263‑8754.

This product is covered under the Crestron standard limited warranty. Refer to for full details.

The specific patents that cover Crestron products are listed online at

Certain Crestron products contain open source software. For specific information, please visit

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