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Zūm® Wireless J-Box Load Controller, 0-10V Dimmer, 16A, 100-277V


A selection of junction box-mounted load controllers designed to provide intelligent lighting control as part of a complete Zūm® commercial lighting system.

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Key Features

  • Zūm® wireless junction box-mounted lighting load controllers
  • Pair and play wireless integration with Zūm keypads, occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors, and daylight sensors
  • Zūm Mesh peer-to-peer RF communications for integration into a complete standalone or networked Zūm wireless lighting control solution
  • Dimming control of 0-10 V dimmable LED or fluorescent loads
  • Dimmers rated 5 or 16 A at 100-277 VAC
  • Zero cross switch control of 20 A, 100-277 V high inrush lighting loads
  • Zero cross switch control of 20 A, 100-250 V plug loads
  • Emergency lighting control meets UL® 924 standards
  • Accommodation for a Zūm Network Bridge or Zūm Contact Closure Output device
  • Flying lead wiring connections
  • Knockout mount to a standard 4 in. square junction box
  • UL 2043 listed for installation in an environmental air handling space
  • Meets UL 916 standard for energy management equipment
  • Meets CEC Title 24 and ASHRAE® 90.1 energy efficiency standards
  • ICC® International Energy Conservation Code® compliant

Product Overview

Crestron Zūm® Mesh Wireless J-Box Load Controllers (ZUMMESH‑JBOX Series) can provide 20 A switching, 5 A or 16 A 0‑10 V dimming, and 20 A plug load control. J‑Box load controllers mount directly to a 4 in. square junction box. Zūm Mesh wireless technology affords easy pair and play integration as part of a complete Zūm commercial lighting system. Energy‑saving options are available to enable daylighting, occupancy or vacancy sensing, HVAC system integration, and centralized monitoring and management.

Energy Efficiency
Occupancy sensor, vacancy sensor, and daylight sensor connectivity allow for significant energy savings. To reduce energy usage, lights will turn off automatically when the room is vacant and dim gradually according to the amount of natural daylight in the room.

Pair and Play Setup
Pair and play functionality in Zūm load controllers allows for installation in a room along with Zūm keypads, occupancy or vacancy sensors, and/or a daylight sensor. Set up the room with a few button taps and instantly control the room lights without any additional programming. Room setup can be accomplished via the Zūm app if the room is equipped with a Zūm Network Bridge (sold separately).

Optional Zūm Network Bridge
Snap a Zūm Network Bridge (ZUMMESH‑NETBRIDGE, sold separately) onto a Zūm Wireless J-Box Load Controller for centralized lighting management via a Zūm Floor Hub and Zūm Net Wireless Gateway. The Zūm Network Bridge enables enhanced room setup using the Zūm app.

Optional Contact Closure Output
Snap a Zūm Contact Closure Output (ZUMMESH‑CCO, sold separately) onto the Zūm Wireless J‑Box Load Controller for integration with an HVAC system or other relay-controlled equipment.

Zūm Mesh Wireless Technology
Zūm Mesh wireless technology provides peer-to-peer RF communications within a commercial space without the need for physical control wiring, hubs, or gateways. Nearly every Zūm Mesh device acts as a routing node to relay wireless commands between Zūm Mesh devices without disruption.

Adding Zūm Mesh devices to a space increases the range and stability of the peer-to-peer mesh network by providing multiple redundant signal paths. Each Zūm Mesh device auto‑negotiates its RF channel to provide robust communication and is protected through AES 128-bit encryption.

Emergency Load Control
The ZUMMESH‑JBOX‑16A‑LV‑EM provides load control to meet UL 924 standards. The device functions like a standard J‑box dimmer in normal conditions, where it can bind to keypads, make scene modifications, follow sensor control states, and perform other standard ZUMMESH‑JBOX actions.

If power to a lighting system is lost, the device enters Emergency Mode for ninety minutes or until system power is restored, whichever comes first. In Emergency Mode, all connected loads are fully illuminated to allow for safe exit from the space.

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