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Zūm® Wired CAT5e Cable with Link Communication for In-Room Wiring, Plenum, Orange, 10 Pack


Provides power and data connections for Zūm® Link devices within a Zūm Wired commercial lighting system.

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Key Features

  • Preterminated CAT5e cable for Zūm® Link device communications within a Zūm Wired space
  • RS485 Communications
  • Plenum‑rated jacket
  • RJ‑45 connectors
  • Available in six lengths

Product Overview

The Crestron CBL‑CAT5E‑ZUMLINK‑P CAT5e cable provides power and data connections for Zūm Link devices within a Zūm® Wired commercial lighting system. The CBL‑CAT5E‑ZUMLINK‑P wiring is housed in a plenum‑rated jacket and is available in six lengths from 6 in. (152 mm) to 50 ft (15 m) to provide maximum flexibility for LAN wiring.

Zūm Link Wiring
CBL‑CAT5E‑ZUMLINK‑P cables distribute power between Zūm Link devices for in‑room device daisy chaining. They provide communications between load controllers, keypads, sensors, and any other devices within a Zūm Wired room as well as emergency override capabilities. CBL‑CAT5E‑ZUMLINK‑P cables also distribute power and data between Zūm Net and Zūm Link devices for network expansion.

Product Specs

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