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STEINEL Wall Mount Outdoor Occupancy Sensor


A raintight indoor/outdoor occupancy sensor intended for vertical mounting to a 1/2” threaded cover plate or knockout.

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Key Features

  • 240° coverage with up to 40 ft reach
  • 304 switching zones
  • Coverage area may be customized with supplied snap-on shrouds and through fine-tune rotation adjustment
  • Precision molded lens is distortion free and watertight
  • Light level feature allows lighting to remain off during daylight regardless of occupancy
  • Automatically adjusts to temperature changes keeping sensitivity and coverage consistent
  • Built in surge protection with auto-reset
  • Raintight IP54 rated; suitable for interior or exterior use

Product Overview

As part of our endeavour to deliver professional lighting and control solutions for the entire enterprise, Crestron is pleased to offer STEINEL PROFESSIONAL products, which are available for sale through authorized Crestron Commercial Lighting system integrators.

Based in Germany, STEINEL PROFESSIONAL has been manufacturing lighting controls for over 25 years. Their product offering includes a wide variety of controls and sensors for indoor and outdoor applications.

The STEINEL IS 240-120 occupancy sensor is intended for vertical mounting to any 1/2” threaded cover plate or knockout and is raintight for safe reliable operation indoors and out.

The sensors are passive infrared and respond to heat radiated from moving persons or other heat-emitting objects (such as vehicles). They automatically turn lights on when presence is detected and off when a space is left vacant.

Interior applications such as corridors, vestibules, garages. Exterior applications such as entryways, carports, balconies and porches.

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Steinel products are covered under Steinel’s 5 year warranty. Crestron provides no further warranty. Service and support shall be provided by Crestron to Crestron authorized dealers that have purchased Steinel products through Crestron.

Product Specs

Item No.
61621 white
61622 black

120 VAC, 60 Hz

Maximum Wattage
0-600 watt tungsten, 0-300 watt ballast

Sensing Technology
passive infrared (PIR)

Time Delay Setting
10 seconds to 15 minutes

Mounting: Wall

Light Level Setting
.2-200 footcandles
2-2000 lux

IP54 raintight lighting
Temperature: -4F to +122F, -20C to +50C

240 degrees up to 40 ft reach (12.2 m)

2 dual element infrared pyroelectric detectors

Lens Design
304 switching zones, 9 levels

3.75x2.33x3.33 in
95.25x59.2x84.6 mm

Warranty: 5 years

C-UL-US Listed, RoHS Compliant

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