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Crestron Green Light® Sensor Integration Module


Provides Cresnet® connectivity for Crestron GLS-series and third-party sensorsWorks with occupancy sensors, photocells, partition sensors, and moreProvides 24 Volts DC to power one or more sensors

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Key Features

  • Provides Cresnet® connectivity for Crestron GLS-series and third-party sensors
  • Works with occupancy sensors, photocells, partition sensors, and more
  • Provides 24 Volts DC to power one or more sensors
  • Includes 2 independent sensing inputs
  • Supports contact-closure, DC logic, and 0-10V analog signals
  • Onboard DIP switches simplify setup for use with IPAC and iLux® systems
  • Allows fully-programmable operation as part of any Crestron system
  • Compact module fits in an electrical box behind the sensor
  • Miniature screw terminals facilitate reliable wiring connections

Product Overview

The GLS-SIM is a compact interface device designed to allow Crestron Green Light® sensors to be connected directly to a Cresnet control network. Cresnet® is the communications backbone for Crestron sensors, dimmers, keypads, touchpanels, shade controllers, thermostats, and many other devices. This flexible 4-wire bus provides data communications and 24 Volts DC power for all of the devices on the Cresnet network. The GLS-SIM installs easily at the sensor location, mounting conveniently inside the electrical box or exposed above the ceiling. Wiring connections to the network and sensor are facilitated using miniature screw terminals.

The GLS-SIM is compatible with Crestron GLS-series sensors, as well as with most 24 Volt-powered sensors from any manufacturer. Up to 1A @ 24VDC power is available[1] to support multiple sensors in parallel. The GLS-SIM actually includes two sensing inputs, each capable of sensing a contact closure, logic level, or 0-10V analog signal. When used with a Crestron IPAC or iLux® system, setup is simplified using onboard DIP switches to select the sensor type (i.e. occupancy, photocell, partition, etc.) and operating mode (i.e. normally-open or normally-closed).

  1. Actual load capability dependent upon the amount of available Cresnet power in the system.

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Product Specs

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