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Crestron SolarSync™ Outdoor Daylight and Color Temperature Sensor


Measures true color temperature and intensity of natural sunlight or any other lighting source. Enables indoor lighting to be regulated to match the actual natural sunlight outdoors. IP67 rated for outdoor rooftop installation. Also suitable for indoor applications.

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Key Features

  • Measures true color temperature and intensity of any lighting source [1]
  • Enables indoor lighting to be regulated to match actual natural sunlight outdoors
  • IP67 rated for rooftop and other outdoor installations
  • Self-heating to prevent snow and ice buildup
  • Also suitable for a variety of indoor applications
  • Reports correlated color temperature (CCT) and illuminance (lux) consistent with CIE 1931 [1]
  • Reports RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value) to recreate the detected color
  • Lifetime-calibrated with no drift over time or temperature
  • Connects to a Crestron® lighting control system via Cresnet® [2]
  • 24 Volts DC powered via the Cresnet bus
  • 1/2 in. knockout mountable to any j-box or weatherproof enclosure

Product Overview

The Crestron SolarSync™ Outdoor Daylight and Color Temperature Sensor (GLS-LCCT) enables the ability to regulate indoor lighting to match the intensity and color temperature of actual daylight outdoors. A single SolarSync™ sensor installed on a building’s rooftop measures the exact correlated color temperature (CCT) and illuminance (lux) of the natural daylight, and reports it to a Crestron® lighting control system. Accordingly, the control system adjusts the indoor RGB lighting fixtures to simulate the effect of being outdoors.

SolarSync sensors may also be deployed indoors to sense the light output from artificial lighting sources, allowing fixtures to be precisely adjusted to achieve a specific desired effect, or to correlate lighting conditions between separate spaces. The ability to adjust both the intensity and color temperature of indoor lighting to specific values can be utilized to positively influence the circadian rhythms of nighttime workers in an office or manufacturing facility, or to aid healing patients in a medical or psychiatric facility. It can also be employed to benefit the experience of patrons in a public mall, museum, casino, or theme park.

The GLS-LCCT is a calibrated color temperature and intensity sensor capable of achieving exact measurements consistent with CIE 1931 2° Standard Observer color coordinates.[1] It is composed of a compact, IP67 rated housing with acrylic dome, suitable for installation indoors or outdoors. Built-in heating elements prevent snow and ice from accumulating on the dome to ensure reliable operation year-round.

The GLS-LCCT is 24 Volts DC powered and energy-efficient, requiring just 70 mW in warm weather and a maximum of 5 Watts when heating itself. Power and communications are provided via a Cresnet® connection to the lighting control system.[2]

  1. The sensor is factory calibrated to achieve highly accurate CCT measurements from 2,700K to 5,700K. Values outside this range may vary by a few hundred K or more.
  2. When the GLS-LCCT is installed outdoors, it is recommended to install a Cresnet Lightning Strike Protector (model CSP-LSP, sold separately) at the point of entry to the building to prevent electrical surges due to lightning strikes from reaching indoor devices over Cresnet. First note.

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