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Dual-Loop Photosensor


Dual photosensor for open- and closed-loop applications. Measures the ambient light level from all light sources source. Versatile flush or surface ceiling mounting.

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Key Features

  • Ceiling-mount photosensor
  • Used in both open-loop and closed-loop applications
  • Measures the ambient light level from all light sources
  • 60° cone of coverage for open-loop and closed loop applications
  • Closed-loop light sensitivity ranging from 3-300 fc
  • Open-loop light sensitivity with three ranges: 3-300 fc, 30-3000 fc, and 60-6000 fc
  • 0 to 10 VDC analog control output
  • Versatile flush or surface mounting
  • Control system interface via Cresnet® network or analog input1

Product Overview

The GLA‑LDL‑PC‑0‑10 is a dual-loop photosensor that continually measures ambient light in order to achieve the optimal balance of natural and artificial lighting in an indoor space in daylight harvesting applications. By harnessing natural daylight from windows and skylights, electrical lighting can be dimmed, reducing energy usage while maintaining a consistent light level for a more efficient and comfortable work or living space.

In closed-loop type daylight harvesting applications, the GLA‑LDL‑PC‑0‑10 is installed on the ceiling directly above the primary work area. It measures all light within a 60° cone, which consists predominately of reflected light, acquiring the most natural approximation of perceived changes in ambient light levels.

In open-loop type daylight harvesting applications, the GLA‑LDL‑PC‑0‑10 is installed on the ceiling near a window or in the light well of a skylight, directed toward the incoming daylight and away from any electrical lighting fixtures. The system estimates the total amount of ambient lighting in the room according to the light level measured by the photocell.

The GLA‑LDL‑PC‑0‑10 includes hardware to facilitate flush or surface mounting to a drywall or drop-tile surface. Its simple 3-wire interface allows for direct connection to a Crestron® control system via a single Versiport I/O or analog input port, with 24 V power taken from the Cresnet® network control bus.1

Using an optional sensor integration module (GLS‑SIM or ZUMMESH‑JBOX‑SIM for a Zūm® J-Box, both sold separately), the GLA‑LDL‑PC‑0‑10 becomes a full-featured Cresnet device, streamlining the total lighting system. Cresnet provides a simple solution for configuring and wiring sensors as part of any complete Crestron system. The Cresnet bus is the communications backbone for many Crestron keypads, lighting controllers, shade motors, sensors, and other devices.

  1. Cresnet communications requires a GLS‑SIM or ZUMMESH‑JBOX‑SIM (both are sold separately). Power may be taken from Cresnet bus regardless of interface method. Connects to a GLS‑SIM, ZUMMESH‑JBOX‑SIM, Versiport I/O, or Analog Input control port on any Crestron control system.
  2. Recommended wire size: 18 AWG.

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Product Specs

Field of view: 60 degree cone
Light sensitivity: CL: 3-300 fc; OL: 3-6000 fc
Center axis CL: 90; OL: 45 

Controls and Connections
Light sensitivity slider: 1: OL: 3-300 fc (factory setting); 2: OL: 30-3000 fc; 3: OL: 60-6000 fc; 4: CL: 3-300 fc
Input 2:(1) Red flying lead; 24 VDC power input
Ground 2: (1) Black flying lead
Output 1, 2: (1) Orange flying lead; Light level control signal output; Provides 0-10 V analog control signal proportionate to the ambient light level; Connects to a Crestron sensor integration module (GLS-SIM or ZUMMESH-JBOX-SIM, sold separately) or to a Versiport I/O or Analog Input control port on any Crestron control system

Power Requirements
Current Consumption: 2 mA class 2 at 24 VDC
Cresnet Power Usage: ~.1 W1

Temperature: 32F to 122F (0C to 50C)
For indoor use only.

Construction: High-impact injection-molded plastic, white
Mounting: Surface or flush ceiling mount directly to drywall or drop-tile

Height: 1.06 in. (27 mm)
Diameter: 2.01 in. (51 mm)

0.011 lb (.05 kg)

UL Listed

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