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IR Remote for GLS Occupancy Sensors


The GLS-REMOTE-ODT/OIR is an IR wireless remote designed specifically for use with GLS-ODT-C-CN, GLS-OIR-C-CN, GLS-ODT-C-NS, and GLS-OIR-C-NS occupancy sensors. Full setup functions, as well as a variety of sensor parameters, can be completed with this remote, making it a valuable asset during installation.

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Key Features

Product Overview

The GLS-REMOTE-ODT/OIR can set a variety of parameters for the GLS-ODT-C-CN, GLS-OIR-C-CN, GLS-ODT-C-NS, and GLS-OIR-C-NS occupancy sensors. This IR wireless eliminates the need for a ladder to commission or set up any system. The installer can simply stand underneath the sensor and use the remote to complete setup functions and fine tune sensor settings after installation:

  • Adjust the sensitivity for vacancy and occupancy states separately
  • Enable or disable Walk-Through mode
  • Change settings for Timeout feature
  • Turn LEDs ON/OFF during normal operation
  • Set or change the Cresnet ID[1]
  • Use force vacancy or factory reset

The GLS-REMOTE-ODT/OIR runs on 2 AAA batteries (included).

  1. “Set ID” function on remote does not apply to GLS-ODT-C-NS and GLS-OIR-C-NS sensors.

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