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Cameo® In-Wall Universal Phase Dimmer, 120 VAC


The CLW-DIMUEX-P is a Cameo® in-wall universal phase dimmer that controls LED, incandescent, magnetic low voltage, and electronic low voltage loads. Its design matches the entire line of Cameo devices, making it a great addition to new or retrofit installations.

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Key Features

  • Universal dimming - reverse phase and forward phase - with auto load detection
  • Supports remote dimmers and switches
  • Single-gang U.S. wall box installation
  • Gangable up to three across using compatible multigang decorator faceplates
  • Robust infiNET EX® wireless communications
  • Preinstalled large rocker button
  • Configurable with up to four field-replaceable buttons
  • Custom laser-etched engravable buttons (sold separately)
  • Screw clamp connectors for easier & improved installation
  • LED Bargraph for load status feedback
  • Crestron Home™ OS 3 compatible

Product Overview

The CLW-DIMUEX-P is a Cameo® in-wall universal phase dimmer that controls the following load types: LED, incandescent, magnetic low voltage, and electronic low voltage. Its design matches the entire line of Cameo products, making it a great addition to new or retrofit installations.

Universal Phase Dimming
The CLW-DIMUEX-P features auto-load detection to automatically select the appropriate dimming method for the attached load. Auto-load detection allows for broad load type compatibility even if future changes to the load are made.

Integrated Keypad
Supporting up to four buttons, the CLW-DIMUEX-P is configurable for a variety of applications. Because the dimmer is attached to the Crestron® control network, it can function as a keypad to trigger remote actions.

Remote Dimmer
The CLW-DIMUEX-P supports dimming control of the same lights from more than one location. The CLW-SLVU-P remote dimmer connects to the traveler wire in a traditional three- or four-way circuit and dims the load attached to the CLW-DIMUEX-P.

Multigang Expansion
Devices may be installed side-by-side in a multigang electrical box with a compatible decorator faceplate (sold separately).

NOTE: Derating is required for multigang installations. Refer to the CLW-DIMUEX-P Quick Start at (Doc. 8482) for derating information.

infiNET EX Communications
infiNET EX wireless technology provides two-way RF communications throughout a residential or commercial structure without the need for physical control wiring. Each infiNET EX device acts as an expander by sending command signals to other infiNET EX devices in range (approximately 150 ft (46 m) indoors) to ensure reliability and stability.1

The CLW-DIMUEX communicates with a control system via a CEN-GWEXER or newer infiNET EX Wireless Gateway (sold separately). Up to 100 infiNET EX devices may coexist on a single wireless network.

Field-Replaceable Button Caps
The preinstalled rocker button cap (CLW-BTN-RKR) on the CLW-DIMUEX-P is field-replaceable with the included small (CLW-BTN-SM) and large (CLW-BTN-LG) button caps, allowing for engravable multi-button configurations.

Streamlined Installation
In addition to field-replaceable buttons, the CLW-DIMUEX-P features screwclamp connectors for simplified wiring that reduces installation time and material costs. The CLW-DIMUEX-P can be installed in standard gang boxes, making them the perfect choice for both new and retrofit projects.

  1. Any infiNET EX device that provides expander functionality will effectively extend the range of the wireless network beyond the initial range of the gateway. Battery-powered infiNET EX devices do not provide expander functionality. A dedicated infiNET EXWireless Expander, model CLW-EXPEX, is also available.

This product may be purchased from select authorized Crestron dealers and distributors. To find a dealer or distributor, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at or by calling 855-263-8754.

This product is covered under the Crestron standard limited warranty. Refer to for full details.

The specific patents that cover Crestron products are listed online at

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