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Interface DMX-512, Bi-directional


The CGDMX is an external serial (RS-232) to DMX-512 interface. The unit provides bi-directional control for 512 DMX channels. It is placed as master on a DMX network.

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Key Features

Product Overview

The CGDMX-512BI is a serial to DMX512 interface which makes easy interfacing possible between a CRESTRON control system and lighting products using the DMX512 protocol.

Only one serial RS-232/422 port on the Crestron control system is required to communicate with the DMX512 interface.

The DMX Interface has two separate DMX Ports, one DMX Out to send data to the DMX lighting products and one DMX In to receive data from e.g. DMX512 lighting consoles or other DMX512 control units. The CGDMX-512BI can operate in different modes, to process the incoming DMX512 data with the Crestron data like HTP1, LTP2 and exclusive3 handling. The Crestron media processor is able to change these modes, too. Furthermore the Crestron media processor can set the HTP, LTP and exclusive handling for each channel separately.

Product Specs

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