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Each space is configured with optimal lighting and AV controls, accessories.

Crestron Delivers Innovative Building Solutions

World Class Lighting Control + AV

When it comes to management and control of building operations and information technologies, Crestron has a unique advantage. With Crestron's innovative building solutions, which include commercial lighting and AV controls, you have a single source of the industry's most reliable and easy to deploy and use products that cover the entire building. From design and installation to deployment, Crestron's building solutions platform is designed to meet the specific needs of each space within a building.  Crestron’s systems are designed to work in sync with other building systems to deliver complete, integrated control. This eliminates over-specification and inconsistent, unreliable interoperability found in most other lighting control systems that are required to integrate with AV systems. To learn more about Crestron AV and communications solutions, click here.

Crestron’s scalable lighting controls can be easily networked and integrated for centralized monitoring, management, and control throughout the enterprise. With Crestron, you can expect to dramatically reduce the time required to complete each phase of a lighting control project, with or without AV integration, while improving energy efficiency, eliminating over-specification and being encumbered with unnecessary programming inherent in most lighting control systems.With Crestron, we have you covered.

Crestron Zūm

Crestron Zum design on a napkin with tools

Easy to design

Exceptionally simple

Crestron Zūm® is a distributed lighting control system that uses industry standards, such as 0-10V, DALI®, DMX and phase control. Designing with Zum is simple – add up the number of zones you needed for a space, include the sensors and keypads and you are done! And all Zum spaces can be merged onto an enterprise IoT network, Zūm Net. This network not only provides communication and control of your lighting, but also seamlessly integrates with Crestron Unified Communications systems and 3rd party occupancy, environmental & acoustical sensors or other data related IoT devices.

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Meeting room with mobile device and screen display with dimming properties for lighting

Easy to set up

The app is all you need

All Zūm devices (wired or wireless) interface with the Zūm app which makes it easy to set up all room aspects and parameters including presets, lighting levels and optimized sensor settings. Spaces or rooms can be saved and used as templates for use in other spaces, which greatly reduces the time required to start up your systems. And with Zūm, building-wide lighting control is just as easy as in-room control. A single Zūm hub can manage systems with up to 32,000 devices over millions of square feet! The Zūm Hub provides master time clock schedules, demand response, BACnet Communication Integration, device management (including battery life) as well as uplink connectivity to the Crestron XiO Cloud® IoT-based service.

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Man installing Wired Zum lighting with wired zum accessories

Easy to install

Wired or wireless connections

All Zum product connect using industry-standard methods and accessories. From keypads and accessories that utilize CAT-5 cables with RJ45 connectors to load controllers mounted on junction boxes with ½” knockouts, Zum is designed to be installed by today’s electricians. Zum A/C powered devices operate at 120-277V, while many of the wireless devices use batteries providing reduced installation costs and the ultimate in flexibility.

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