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Zūm® Lighting Control System, Hub4


The Crestron® ZUM-HUB4 enables centralized management for Zūm® commercial lighting systems of up to 1,000 rooms with an Ethernet switch (sold separately) across Zūm wired, Zūm wireless, and external spaces. The hub provides a web based user interface for control. A built in time clock enables room lighting and occupancy and vacancy sensing automation. The ZUM-HUB4 can also be integrated with other Crestron lighting systems and control systems.

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Key Features

  • Centralized management for Zūm® commercial lighting systems
  • Provides web-based user interface for easy configuration, control, scheduling, and monitoring
  • Time clock for room lighting automation and sensing behavior
  • Daisy-chain up to 20Zūm Net load controllers (sold separately) via their built-in Zūm Net ports for room-to-room communication
  • Use with an Ethernet switch (sold separately) to support multiple Zūm Net daisy-chains up to 1,000rooms
  • Daisy-chain up to 32Zūm Link devices (sold separately) via their built-in Zūm Link ports for in-room communication
  • BACnet™ communication supports control for up to 9,000 BACnet objects
  • Dedicated ControlSubnet
  • Gigabit Ethernet networking
  • Enterprise-gradesecurity
  • Enables integration with other Crestron lighting systems, control systems, touch screens, shading,HVAC, and more
  • Single-space rack-mountable
  • Universal 100–240V external power supply

Product Overview

Zūm Net Wired Technology
Zūm Net wired technology offers room-to-room communication. Control a room with one Zūm Net device (ZUMNET‑JBOX‑DALI, ZUMNET‑JBOX‑16A‑LV, sold separately), and daisy-chain up to 20 Zūm Net devices with CBL‑CAT5E‑ZUMNET‑P cable. For centralized management of a Zūm Wired System, connect the chain directly to a ZUM‑HUB4 or multiple chains to an Ethernet switch (sold separately) to support up to 1,000 rooms.

Web‑Based Management
The web browser user interface can manage, monitor, and schedule all of the available rooms on the network. Use a laptop computer (not included) to configure devices to work with the ZUM‑HUB4. Active lighting scenes, daylight levels, occupancy detection, and scheduled time clock events are displayed. Errors are shown to facilitate troubleshooting.

Time Clock
A built-in time clock enables automated lighting control based on the time of day. Assign a Room Category (such asOffice or Hallway) for consistent control and programming across multiple rooms. The clock allows Day Pattern arrangement for each Room Category, with up to 24 Room States scheduled over a 24 hour period. Different Day Patterns can be defined and assigned to the calendar, which is pre‑populated with typical day patterns and a selection of U.S. holidays.

BACnet™ Communications Protocol
Communicate with a Building ManagementSystem (BMS) to provide control of fire/life safety, lighting, and other building automation systems. The ZUM‑HUB4 supports up to 9,000 BACnet objects.

Crestron XiO Cloud® Service Integration
Use Crestron XiO Cloud functionality for remote commissioning and monitoring of a Zūm Wired system. Commissioning and monitoring can also be accomplished through custom programming.

Zūm Wireless Integration
Integration with existing Zūm Wireless installations is achieved with a ZUMNET‑GATEWAY (not supplied), which connects to the ZUM‑HUB4 via Ethernet.

Zūm System Integration with Other Crestron Control Systems
In addition to managing rooms equipped with Zūm lighting control, the ZUM‑HUB4 enables integration with other Crestron systems over an Ethernet connection. Two methods of integration are available:

External Rooms: A virtual room using legacy or conventional Crestron lighting control can be added to the Zūm network to be monitored, controlled and scheduled.

Mirrored Rooms: An external Crestron system controls and monitors a room equipped with a Zūm system. Mirrored rooms allow for room control with a Crestron touch screen or handheld remote, as well as integration with shading, climate control, AV, and other equipment.

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