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infiNET EX® Wireless Door Sensor-B


The Crestron® INETS-IOEX-DOOR-BATT detects when a door is opened and closed using a magnetic switch. The open and closed status is sent to a Crestron control system using the ultra-reliable infiNET EX® wireless communications platform.

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Key Features

  • Wireless door sensor
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Installs out of view
  • Control system integration via infiNET EX® wireless communications
  • Integrates with lighting controls, HVAC systems, and more
  • External contact leads for connection to a dry contact sensor (optional)
  • Battery powered (3+ year life)
  • Low battery notification
  • Available in black or white

Product Overview

The Crestron® INETS-IOEX-DOOR-BATT detects when a door is opened and closed using a magnetic switch. The open and closed status is sent to a Crestron control system using the ultra-reliable infiNET EX® wireless communications platform.

Recess Mount
Recess mounting keeps the sensor out of view.[1] Insert the sensor into a hole drilled into the top of the door to prevent the sensor from being seen easily. A small, low-profile magnet secures opposite the sensor on the door jamb complete the installation.

Surface Mount
Mount the INETS-IOEX-DOOR-BATT to the door using the supplied double-sided tape for quick and easy installation. An encapsulated magnet secures opposite the sensor on the door jamb to complete the installation.

Dry Contact Sensor (Optional)
Connect the INETS-IOEX-DOOR-BATT to an external dry contact (not supplied) to determine if the door is open or closed instead of a magnet. Attach the supplied dry contact leads to the sensor and then to the external dry contact.

infiNET EX® Wireless
Ultra-reliable infiNET EX wireless technology provides steadfast 2-way RF communications throughout a residential or commercial structure without the need for physical control wiring. Employing a 2.4 GHz mesh network topology, each infiNET EX device functions as an expander, passing command signals through to every other infiNET EX device within range (approximately 150 feet or 46 meters indoors), ensuring that every command reaches its intended destination without disruption. [2]

The INETS-IOEX-DOOR-BATT communicates with a Crestron control system via an infiNET EX Wireless Gateway (model CEN-GWEXER, DIN-AP3MEX, or MC3 [3]). Up to 100 infiNET EX devices may coexist on a single wireless network, and every device that is added to the network effectively increases the range and stability of the entire network by providing multiple redundant signal paths.

  1. The sensor is hidden when installed into the top of the door. If the sensor is installed in the strike edge of the door or the door jamb, the sensor may be visible. The magnet may be visible under all installation scenarios.
  2. Any infiNET EX device that provides expander functionality will effectively extend the range of the wireless network beyond the initial range of the gateway. Battery-powered infiNET EX devices, including the INETS-IOEX-DOOR-BATT, do not provide expander functionality. Wireless networks composed predominantly of battery-powered devices may need additional infiNET EX expanders, such as the CLW-EXPEX or GLA-EXPEX (sold separately), or other non-battery powered infiNET EX devices to ensure proper functionality of the network and battery life for the devices. Refer to the Best Practices for Installation and Setup of Crestron RF Products, Doc. #6689 for complete system design guidelines, or contact Crestron True Blue Support for further assistance.
  3. Item(s) sold separately.

This product may be purchased from select authorized Crestron dealers and distributors. To find a dealer or distributor, please contact the Crestron sales representative for your area. A list of sales representatives is available online at or by calling 855‑263‑8754.

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