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Battery-Powered Wireless AV Keypad, 4-Button, 3 Sources & Power


An extremely slim, battery-powered wireless keypad designed to provide simple control of AV and other functions. Pairs wirelessly with the AV Bridge to enable connection to a control system or computer. Can be mounted to an electrical box or directly to any flat wall surface.

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Key Features

  • A wireless keypad for control of AV and other system functions
  • Mounts directly to any flat wall surface with no holes or box required
  • Allows for mounting to a single-gang or multi-gang electrical box
  • Choice of four or six pushbuttons
  • Available with predesignated “AV” button labelling or custom engraving [3]
  • Connects to a control system or computer via the AV Bridge [1,4]
  • Zūm® Mesh peer-to-peer RF wireless communications [2]
  • Operates for five years or more on a single lithium battery (included)
  • Available in smooth white, almond, black, gray, or red finishes
  • Matches the appearance of Zūm lighting keypads and wall-box dimmers
  • Matching decorator-style faceplate available separately

Product Overview

The Crestron® Battery-Powered Wireless AV Keypad (ZUMMESH-KPAVBATT) can be mounted virtually anywhere to enable simple control of AV and other functions through integration with a control system or computer. Its slim design allows it to be attached directly to any suitable flat surface using screws or two-sided adhesive tape. It can also be mounted to a standard electrical box. One or more keypads can be mounted together, or alongside other decorator-style devices, and finished with an FP-G series faceplate (sold separately).

The ZUMMESH-KPAVBATT is battery powered and completely wireless. It can operate for five years or more on a single lithium coin cell battery (included). Connection to the control system or computer is facilitated using an AV Bridge (ZUMMESH-AVBRIDGE). No other wireless gateway is required. Zūm™ Mesh peer-to-peer wireless technology affords reliable operation with easy “pair and play” setup. Up to eight keypads can be paired with a single AV Bridge.[1,2]

The ZUMMESH-KPAVBATT is available with either four or six buttons, which may be ordered with custom button engraving [3] or pre-labeled for basic power, source selection, and volume control. Each button can be assigned to control any system function via the control system program or computer program.[4]

The ZUMMESH-KPAVBATT is ideal for expanding the capabilities of a Zūm commercial lighting system to add control of AV and other system functions. Installed alongside Zūm lighting keypads and wall-box dimmers, they afford a cohesive appearance for every control on the wall.

  1. A single ZUMMESH-AVBRIDGE (sold separately) is required per room to enable one or more ZUMMESH-KPAVBATT keypads in the room. Refer to the ZUMMESH-AVBRIDGE spec sheet for more information.
  2. The ZUMMESH-KPAVBATT uses “Zūm Mesh” wireless technology to connect and communicate with the ZUMMESH-AVBRIDGE. Zūm Mesh is a peer-to-peer wireless mesh network designed to operate within a single room . The ZUMMESH-AVBRIDGE and all AC-powered Zūm Mesh devices function as routing nodes, which effectively extend the range of the wireless network within the room. The ZUMMESH-KPAVBATT and other battery-powered devices only function as leaf nodes and do not extend range. Networks composed predominantly of battery-powered devices may require additional AC-powered devices, such as the ZUMMESH-JBOX-PSU, to serve as supplemental routing nodes to fill any gaps in coverage. Refer to the “Installation and Setup of Crestron RF Products, Best Practices” guide (Doc #6689) for additional guidelines.
  3. Custom engraving must be specified at the time of order. Buttons cannot be changed or replaced in the field.
  4. Custom commissioning is required when integrating with a control system. Custom software is required when integrating with a computer.
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