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Zūm® Light Control System, Floor Hub


The Crestron Zūm® Floor Hub enables centralized management and time clock for Zūm wireless commercial lighting systems. Provides a web-based user interface for easy configuration, control, monitoring, and scheduling. The time clock feature enables automation of room lighting and sensing behavior. The Zūm Floor Hub supports up to 1,000 individual rooms equipped with Zūm lighting systems. Also enables integration with other Crestron lighting systems, control systems, touch screens, shading, HVAC, and more.

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Key Features

  • Centralized management and time clock for Zūm® wireless commercial lighting systems
  • Web-based user interface for easy configuration, control, scheduling, and monitoring
  • Time clock for automation of room lighting and sensing behavior
  • Supports 30 Zūm Net Wireless Gateways
  • Control up to 1,000 rooms
  • BACnet support, control up to 1,980 BACnet objects
  • Dedicated Control Subnet
  • Gigabit Ethernet networking
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Enables integration with non-Zūm Crestron lighting systems, control systems, touch screens, shading, HVAC, and more
  • Single-space rack-mountable
  • Universal 100–240 V external power supply
  • Meets UL® 916 standards for energy management equipment
  • Meets CEC Title 24, ASHRAE® 90.1, and IECC® standards when properly configured3

Product Overview

The Crestron Zūm® Floor Hub (ZUM‑FLOOR‑HUB) enables web-based management and control of rooms equipped with Zūm light control systems. The Zūm® Floor Hub is capable of controlling up to 1,000 rooms. The Zūm® Floor Hub can also manage external rooms that are controlled by non-Zūm equipment such as a GLPP, GLPAC‑DIMFLV, or DIN‑AP3 series system.

Zūm Net Wireless Communication
Connect up to 30 Zūm Net Wireless Gateways (ZUMNET‑GATEWAY) to enable communication between the Zūm™ Floor Hub and the Zūm room. The ZUMNET-GATEWAY communicates with the Zūm room using Zūm Net Wireless technology and relays communications via Ethernet to the Zūm Floor Hub. One Zūm Network Bridge (ZUMMESH‑NETBRIDGE1) is required in each Zūm room. Up to 50 Zūm Network Bridges can be paired with a ZUMNET-GATEWAY.

Web-Based Management
A simple web browser user interface provides everything needed to manage, monitor, and schedule all of the available Zūm rooms on the network. Using a laptop computer, the wireless gateways and network bridges are quickly found, named, and configured to work with the Zūm Floor Hub, allowing the status of each room’s lighting system to be viewed and controlled. User-friendly icons display the status of the devices in each room, indicating active lighting scenes, individual lighting loads, daylight levels, occupancy detection, and scheduled time clock events. Any errors are also displayed to facilitate troubleshooting.

Time Clock
A built-in time clock enables lighting control to be automated based on the time of day. A group of similar rooms can be assigned a Room Category (such as Office, Conference Room, or Hallway) to allow consistent control and programming across all of the rooms.

The time clock allows Day Patterns to be arranged for each Room Category, with up to 24 Room States scheduled over a 24 hour period. Different Day Patterns can be defined for weekdays, weekends, half-days, holidays, etc., and then assigned to the calendar. To get going quickly, the calendar comes pre-populated with typical day patterns and a selection of U.S. holidays in place.

BACnet™ Communications Protocol
Communicate with a Building Management System (BMS) to provide control of HVAC, fire/life safety, lighting, and other building automation systems. The ZUM-FLOOR-HUB supports up to 1,980 BACnet objects.

Non-Zūm System Integration
In addition to managing rooms equipped with Zūm lighting control, the Zūm Floor Hub also enables integration with other Crestron systems over an Ethernet connection. Two methods of integration are available as follows:

  • External Rooms: Any room that uses a Crestron lighting control system other than the Zūm Floor Hub, such as a GLPP, GLPAC-DIMFLV, or DIN-AP3. The room can be added to the Zūm network as a virtual room allowing it to be monitored, controlled, and scheduled alongside Zūm rooms 2, 3
  • Mirrored Rooms: Any Zūm room equipped with a Zūm system that is configured to be monitored and controlled by an external Crestron control system. This allows for enhanced control of the room using a Crestron touch screen or handheld remote, as well as integration with shading, climate control, AV, and other equipment 2, 3
  1. Item(s) sold separately. Refer to each product’s spec sheet for more information.
  2. SIMPL+ software modules are provided for use in commissioning a Crestron control system to work with the Zūm Floor Hub. The software modules run within the control system program and provide virtual connections for all the necessary intersystem control signals. A separate dedicated module is required for each external room and each mirrored room. Control systems are limited in the number of modules supported, ranging from 0 to 200 depending on the model. For further assistance, please contact Crestron Commercial Lighting Support via email at or by calling 855-644-7643.
  3. Each non-Zūm system must be custom commissioned to provide the appropriate control logic required to communicate and operate as part of the Zūm network. Once integrated, each “external room” effectively becomes a part of the Zūm ecosystem.

Product Specs

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